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Slayer is a thrash metal band from US, formed in 1981. The band was founded by guitarists Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King. The band was credited as one of the "Big Four" thrash metal bands, along with Metallica, Anthrax, and Megadeth. Slayer's musical traits involve fast tremolo picking, guitar solos, double bass drumming, and shouting vocals. The band's lyrics and album art, which cover topics such

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Slayer — 213
Slayer — Angel Of Death
Slayer — Black Magic
Slayer — Bloodline
Slayer — Chemical Warfire
Slayer — Dead Skin Mask
Slayer — Epidemic
Slayer — Flesh Storm
Slayer — Ghost Of War
Slayer — Hate Worldwide
Slayer — Hell Awaits
Slayer — Mandatory Suicide
Slayer — Post Mortem
Slayer — Raining Blood
Slayer — Seasons In The Abyss
Slayer — South Of Heaven
Slayer — The Antichrist
Slayer — War Ensemble
Slayer — God Send Death
Slayer — Haunting The Chapel
Slayer — Gemini
Slayer — Hallowed Point
Slayer — I Hate You
Slayer — Im Gonna Be Your God
Slayer — Human Strain
Slayer — In A Gadda Da Vida
Slayer — In The Name Of God
Slayer — Jesus Saves
Slayer — Kill Again
Slayer — Killing Fields
Slayer — Leeches
Slayer — Jihad
Slayer — Memories Of Tomorrow
Slayer — Live Undead
Slayer — Necrophiliac
Slayer — Overt Enemy
Slayer — Mind Control
Slayer — Payback
Slayer — Hardening Of The Arteries
Slayer — Perversions Of Pain
Slayer — Piece By Piece
Slayer — Playing With Dolls
Slayer — Read Between The Lines
Slayer — Praise Of Death
Slayer — Psychopathy Red
Slayer — Postmortem
Slayer — Reborn
Slayer — Reign In Blood
Slayer — Scrum
Slayer — Screaming From The Sky
Slayer — Serenity In Murder
Slayer — Seven Faces
Slayer — Show No Mercy
Slayer — Sex Murder Art
Slayer — Silent Scream
Slayer — Skeletons Of Society
Slayer — Slayer — New Faith
Slayer — Spill The Blood
Slayer — Here Comes The Pain
Slayer — Spiritual Law
Slayer — Stain Of Mind
Slayer — Spirit In Black
Slayer — Superficial Love
Slayer — Temptation
Slayer — The Blood Red
Slayer — Tormentor
Slayer — Threshold
Slayer — Verbal Abuse — Leeches
Slayer — Violent Pacification
Slayer — Unit 731
Slayer — Witching Hour
Slayer — War Zone
Slayer — The Final Command
Slayer — World Painted Blood
Slayer — Guilty Of Being White
Slayer — Free Money
Slayer — Implode
Slayer — Slayer Medley
Slayer — Reign In Blood
Slayer — Aggressive Perfector
Slayer — Altars Of Sacrifice
Slayer — At Dawn They Sleep
Slayer — Beauty Through Order
Slayer — Behind The Crooked Cross
Slayer — Bitter Peace
Slayer — Black Serenade
Slayer — Blood Red
Slayer — Born Of Fire
Slayer — Cant Stand You
Slayer — Captor Of Sin
Slayer — Catalyst
Slayer — Catatonic
Slayer — Chemical Warfare
Slayer — Circle Of Beliefs
Slayer — Cleanse The Soul
Slayer — Criminally Insane
Slayer — Crionics
Slayer — Crypts Of Eternity
Slayer — Cult
Slayer — Ddamm
Slayer — Deaths Head
Slayer — Desire
Slayer — Deviance
Slayer — Die By The Sword
Slayer — Disciple
Slayer — Dissident Agressor
Slayer — Dittohead
Slayer — Divine Intervention
Slayer — Evil Has No Boundaries
Slayer — Exile
Slayer — Expendable Youth
Slayer — Eyes Of The Insane
Slayer — Face The Slayer
Slayer — Fight Till Death
Slayer — Final Six
Slayer — Repentless
Slayer — Piano Wire
Slayer — You Against You
Slayer — Final Command
Slayer — Fictional Reality