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Sodom is a German thrash metal trio from Gelsenkirchen, formed in 1981. Along with the bands Kreator, Destruction and Tankard, Sodom is considered one of the "The Big Teutonic Four" of Teutonic thrash metal. The band was formed by Tom Angelripper and Aggressor in 1981 in the Western German industrial town of Gelsenkirchen. Initially, they were mostly influenced by bands like Motörhead, Tank, Rave

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Sodom — Aber Bitte Mit Sahne
Sodom — Agent Orange
Sodom — Among The Weirdcong
Sodom — Ausgebombt
Sodom — Baptism Of Fire
Sodom — Better Off Dead
Sodom — Blasphemer
Sodom — Blood On Your Lips
Sodom — Bombenhagel
Sodom — Burst Command Til War
Sodom — Christ Passion
Sodom — City Of God
Sodom — Code Red
Sodom — Conjuration
Sodom — Conqueror
Sodom — Deathlike Silence
Sodom — Devils Attack
Sodom — Die Stumme Ursel
Sodom — Electrocution
Sodom — Enchanted Land
Sodom — Epitome Of Torture
Sodom — Exhibition Bout
Sodom — Frozen Screams
Sodom — Fuck The Police
Sodom — Gisela
Sodom — God Bless You
Sodom — Gomorrah
Sodom — Hanging Judge
Sodom — Hazy Shade Of Winter
Sodom — In War And Pieces
Sodom — Incest
Sodom — Invocating The Demons
Sodom — M—16
Sodom — Magic Dragon
Sodom — My Atonement
Sodom — Napalm In The Morning
Sodom — No Way Out
Sodom — Nuclear Winter
Sodom — Outbreak Of Evil
Sodom — Persecution Mania
Sodom — Proselytism Real
Sodom — Remember The Fallen
Sodom — Schwerter Zu Pflugscharen
Sodom — Sepulchral Voice
Sodom — Shellfire Defense
Sodom — Sodomy And Lust
Sodom — Sow The Seeds Of Discord
Sodom — Stigmatized
Sodom — The Enemy Inside
Sodom — The Gay
Sodom — The Saw Is The Law
Sodom — The Vice Of Killing
Sodom — Till Death Do Us Unite
Sodom — Tired And Red
Sodom — Tombstone
Sodom — Wachturm
Sodom — Wander In The Valley
Sodom — Witchhammer
Sodom — Witching Metal
Sodom — Nuctemeron
Sodom — Equinox
Sodom — Marines
Sodom — Iron Fist
Sodom — Suicidal Justice
Sodom — Master Of Disquise
Sodom — Polytoximaniac