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Spastic Ink
guitar tabs and chords

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Spastic Ink online: http://www.myspace.com/officialspasticink SPASTIC INK is an American technical metal band that fuses elements of complex progressive metal, madcap cartoon music and soundtracks drawing inspiration from such diverse artists as UK, Rush, Steve Vai, Carl Stalling, and Danny Elfman. SPASTIC INK was formed in 1993 by San Antonio, TX based guitarist Ron Jarzombek following the dem

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Spastic Ink — Aquanet
Spastic Ink — Eighths Is Enough
Spastic Ink — Just A Little Dirty
Spastic Ink — Melissas Friend
Spastic Ink — Multi—masking
Spastic Ink — See And Its Sharp
Spastic Ink — That 178 Thing
Spastic Ink — The Mad Data Race