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Stravaganzza is a spanish metal band with dark elements formed by Pepe Herrero, Eduardo Fernández, Leo Jimenez and Daniel Pérez in 2004. Their style is somewhat like dark heavy metal,gothic metal or progressive metal mixed with symphonic touches. Former Line-up (2004): Leo "La Bestia" Jiménez (Vocals) Pepe Herrero (Guitar) Dani Pérez (Drums) Edu Fernández (Bass) Current Line-up (2006-): Leo "

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Stravaganzza — Desilucion
Stravaganzza — Duda
Stravaganzza — Grande
Stravaganzza — Hijo De La Luna
Stravaganzza — Impotencia
Stravaganzza — Mi Tempestad
Stravaganzza — Miedo
Stravaganzza — Odio
Stravaganzza — Perdido