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SuidAkrA is a melodic death/black/folk metal band from Germany. SuidAkrA's very beginnings lie back in the small and otherwise extraneous town Monheim in the year of 1994 when vocalist / guitarist Arkadius Antonik and drummer Stefan Möller founded the band. In those years they called themselves ‘Gloryfication’. After two demos and the addition of Marcel Schoenen to the band, their name was subse

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Suidakra — A Runic Rhyme
Suidakra — And The Giants Dance
Suidakra — Balor
Suidakra — Battle Cairns
Suidakra — Birogs Oath
Suidakra — Calm
Suidakra — Darkane Times
Suidakra — Dead Mans Reel
Suidakra — Dowth 2059
Suidakra — Fury Fomoraigh
Suidakra — Gates Of Nevermore
Suidakra — Isle Of Skye
Suidakra — Mag Mell
Suidakra — Otherworlds Collide
Suidakra — Over Nine Waves
Suidakra — Serenade To A Dream
Suidakra — Stone Of The Seven Suns
Suidakra — The Dark Mound
Suidakra — The Highking
Suidakra — The Ixth Legion
Suidakra — When Eternity Echoes