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Sylosis is a British melodic death metal band from Reading, Berkshire formed in 2000. They have used various genres in their music over the years with their first 2 EPs and debut album. They base themselves on 1980s thrash metal crossed with modern styles of music like melodic death metal. Sylosis was formed in late 2000 by original member Josh Middleton when they were back in school, as a bunch o

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Sylosis — Earth's Dust
Sylosis — A Serpents Tongue
Sylosis — All Is Not Well
Sylosis — A Dying Vine
Sylosis — After Lifeless Years
Sylosis — Apparitions
Sylosis — Awakening
Sylosis — Behind The Sun
Sylosis — Bereaved
Sylosis — Beyond The Resurrected
Sylosis — Born Anew
Sylosis — Conclusion Of An Age
Sylosis — Desolate Seas
Sylosis — Eclipsed
Sylosis — Empyreal
Sylosis — Dormant Heart
Sylosis — Earths Dust
Sylosis — Dystopia
Sylosis — Fear The World
Sylosis — Kingdom Of Solitude
Sylosis — Harm
Sylosis — Enshrined
Sylosis — Indoctrinated
Sylosis — Last Remaining Light
Sylosis — Leech
Sylosis — Mercy
Sylosis — Monolith
Sylosis — Oath Of Silence
Sylosis — Out From Below
Sylosis — Pillars Erode
Sylosis — Paradox
Sylosis — Procession
Sylosis — Overthrown
Sylosis — Reflections Through Fire
Sylosis — Sands Of Time
Sylosis — Servitude
Sylosis — The Bereaved
Sylosis — Slings And Arrows
Sylosis — Swallow The World
Sylosis — Stained Humanity
Sylosis — Teras Sweeps
Sylosis — Teras
Sylosis — The Fate Of Vultures
Sylosis — The Blackest Skyline
Sylosis — The River
Sylosis — Turbulence
Sylosis — Trancendence
Sylosis — To Build A Tomb
Sylosis — What Dwells Within
Sylosis — Where The Sky Ends
Sylosis — Withered
Sylosis — A Dying Vine
Sylosis — Callous Souls
Sylosis — Dystopia
Sylosis — Harm
Sylosis — Slings Arrows
Sylosis — Victims And Pawns