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Tera Melos
guitar tabs and chords

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Tera Melos is a band from Sacramento, California , that incorporates many styles of math rock, math pop, jazz, ambient electronics and unconventional song structure all in one, to create their original genre. They are currently a three-piece (formerly four) consisting of Nick Reinhart (guitar/vocals/keyboard) Nathan Latona (bass), John Clardy (percussion). Tera Melos play a brand of math rock mu

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Tera Melos — A Spoonful Of Slurry
Tera Melos — Aped
Tera Melos — Frozen Zoo
Tera Melos — Last Smile For Jaron
Tera Melos — Melody 1
Tera Melos — Melody 9
Tera Melos — Melody 4