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Many bands with the same name: 1) Terror, is a metalcore, thrash metal/crossover band from Los Angeles, California. The band formed in early 2002. The original lineup, was a metal/hardcore all-star lineup, consisting of... - vocalist Scott Vogel (ex: Slugfest, Despair, & Buried Alive) - guitarist Todd Jones (ex: Stand Your Ground, Carry On, Internal Affairs, Betrayed, & Snake Eyes) - drummer Nic

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Terror — Better Off Without You
Terror — Betrayer
Terror — Im Only Stronger
Terror — Always The Hard Way
Terror — Hard Lessons
Terror — Hell And Back
Terror — Keep Your Mouth Shut
Terror — Live By The Code
Terror — Never Alone
Terror — Let Me Sink
Terror — Not This Time
Terror — Keepers Of The Faith
Terror — One With The Underdogs
Terror — Out Of My Face
Terror — Shattered
Terror — Push It Away
Terror — Overcome
Terror — Return To Strength
Terror — Spit My Rage
Terror — Strike You Down
Terror — What Have We Done
Terror — Stick Tight
Terror — The Most High
Terror — Your Enemies Are Mine
Terror — The New Blood
Terror — Youre Caught
Terror — The Solution