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Terrordome is a Polish quartet playing fast and brutal Crossover Thrash Metal kept in the style of the ‘80s. Main inspirations of the band are Razor, Nuclear Assault, Slayer or Cryptic Slaughter. It is marked by breakneck speed and fast, chaotic solos combined with aggressive shouts. The band being on stage since 2005 plays actively in Poland and abroad. Up until now, Terrordome has played copious

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Terrordome — Back To The 80s
Terrordome — Crocodile
Terrordome — Evil Monk
Terrordome — Exodus Medley
Terrordome — Favourite Sport Mosh
Terrordome — Give Me Back My Money
Terrordome — Human Wreckage
Terrordome — Italian Stallion
Terrordome — Machete Justice
Terrordome — Nocturnal Emission
Terrordome — Brutal Punishment
Terrordome — Cross Over Cracow
Terrordome — Embodimental
Terrordome — Thrash Till Deaf