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There are three artists with the name Throwdown: 1) Throwdown are a straight edge metalcore band from Orange County, California. In total, they have had 9 releases. With their past two releases, they have changed their style from metalcore to a more groove metal direction. 2) Throwdown is a heavy metal band from Texas. 3) Throwdown is a hardcore band from the Sydney suburb, Cronulla, who are f

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Throwdown — Americana
Throwdown — Baby Got Back
Throwdown — Burial At Sea
Throwdown — Day Of The Dog
Throwdown — Defend With Violence
Throwdown — Fight Or Die
Throwdown — Forever
Throwdown — Hellbent On War
Throwdown — Holy Roller
Throwdown — Intro Never Back Down
Throwdown — Never Back Down
Throwdown — Slip
Throwdown — Speak The Truth
Throwdown — This Is Where It Ends
Throwdown — Tombs
Throwdown — Venom And Tears
Throwdown — Weight Of The World