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The best way to learn Traditional songs on guitar. Play tab and chords directly in your browser without additional software read more...

Traditional music is an umbrella term for all folk music that has made it down the generations largely thanks to oral tradition. The obscure and random inception of such songs means that the original author(s) of the song is rarely documented. Rather, the song by time becomes part of a country's or ethnic group's canon of folk songs, usually sung by groups of people performing a custom particular

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Traditional — A La Claire Fontaine
Traditional — Alouette
Traditional — Bella Ciao
Traditional — Bright Morning Stars
Traditional — Happy Birthay
Traditional — Happy Birthday
Traditional — Petit Papa Noel
Traditional — Scarborough Fair
Traditional — Miller Of Dee
Traditional — Don Simon
Traditional — Bravo
Traditional — Old Mcdonald
Traditional — Maggie Mae
Traditional — Barges
Traditional — Tiernapojat