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There are several artists called Triumph: 1) A Canadian rock band 2) A Scottish Christian rock band 3) A Brazilian black metal band 4) Italian eurobeat group 5) A Czech RAC band 6) A Danish band playing random music 1. Triumph is a rock band which formed in 1975 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The band was formed by Rik Emmett (vocals, guitar), Mike Levine (bass, keyboards) and Gil Moore (drums)

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Triumph — 24 Hours A Day
Triumph — A Minor Prelude
Triumph — A World Of Fantasy
Triumph — Allied Forces
Triumph — American Girls
Triumph — Blinding Light Show
Triumph — Empty Inside
Triumph — Fantasy Seranade
Triumph — Fight The Good Fight
Triumph — Fingertalkin
Triumph — Fool For Your Love
Triumph — Glad Hands
Triumph — Hold On
Triumph — Hooked On You
Triumph — If Only
Triumph — Just A Game
Triumph — Lay It On The Line
Triumph — Little Boy Blues
Triumph — Magic Power
Triumph — Midsummers Daydream
Triumph — Mind Games
Triumph — Moving On
Triumph — Ordinary Man
Triumph — Petite Etude
Triumph — Rock N Roll Machine
Triumph — Say Goodbye
Triumph — Somebodys Out There
Triumph — Street Fighter Man
Triumph — Street Fighter Reprise
Triumph — Suitcase Blues
Triumph — Take A Stand
Triumph — Tears In The Rain
Triumph — Young Enough To Cry
Triumph — The Blinding Light Show
Triumph — Follow Your Heart