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Vanna is a band from Boston, Massachusetts. They formed in December 2004 with Evan Pharmakis and Nick Lambert and recorded their first demo in a dorm room at MassArt using a drum Machine. Soon they recruited drummer Brandon Davis (who at the time was playing guitar for the band Therefore I Am), bassist Shawn Marquis, and vocalist Joe Bragel. They then recorded and self released their first EP, Th

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Vanna — Alarm
Vanna — Country Boys Goddamn
Vanna — Heavens To Betsy
Vanna — Home
Vanna — Lets Have An Earthquake
Vanna — Passerby
Vanna — Safe To Say
Vanna — Scarlet Shroud
Vanna — Schadenfreude
Vanna — Search Party Never Came
Vanna — Shes A Real Battle Axe
Vanna — Sleepwalker
Vanna — That Champagne Feeling
Vanna — The Things He Carried
Vanna — This Map Is Old News
Vanna — Trashmouth
Vanna — Where We Are Now
Vanna — Kao Rijeka