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Vektor is a progressive thrash metal band, originally formed in Arizona in 2004 but relocated to Philadelphia in mid-2012 and currently based there. They released their debut full length "Black Future" in November 2009, and the follow up "Outer Isolation" in December 2011 (both on Heavy Artillery Records, now defunct). These albums were re-released when the band joined Earache Records, and the ban

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Vektor — Black Future
Vektor — Cosmic Cortex
Vektor — Forests Of Legend
Vektor — Tetrastructural Minds
Vektor — Echoless Chamber
Vektor — Destroying The Cosmos
Vektor — Oblivion
Vektor — Fast Paced Society
Vektor — Dying World
Vektor — Hunger For Violence
Vektor — Dark Nebula
Vektor — Cygnus Terminal
Vektor — Ultimate Artificer
Vektor — Pteropticon
Vektor — Venus Project
Vektor — Recharging The Void
Vektor — Charging The Void