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Violator was formed in early 2002 by a group of friends keen on playing the old thrash metal, and it has always been like this. Four thrash maniacs - Pedro “Poney Ret” (vc/bs), Pedro Capaça (gt), Márcio “Cambito” (gt) and David Araya (dr) - crazy about Vio-lence, Whiplash and Exodus that breath the spirit and the ways of old school metal. After a live rehearsal demo (Killer Instinct - 2002), two

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Violator — Addicted To Mosh
Violator — Apocalypse Engine
Violator — Atomic Nightmare
Violator — Atomic Nightmate
Violator — Brainwash Possession
Violator — Colors Of Hate
Violator — Dead To This World
Violator — Destined To Die
Violator — Echoes Of Silence
Violator — Endless Tyrannies
Violator — Futurephobia
Violator — Killer Instinct
Violator — Lethal Injection
Violator — No Place For The Cross
Violator — Ordered To Thrash
Violator — Poisoned By Ignorance
Violator — The Plague Returns
Violator — Thrash Maniacs
Violator — Toxic Death
Violator — Unstoppable Slaughter
Violator — Waiting To Exhale