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Voivod are a progressive thrash metal band from Jonquiere, Quebec, Canada, with a very distinct sound. Formed by Denis "Piggy" D'Amour, Michel "Away" Langevin and Jean-Yves "Blacky" Theriault in 1982, the fledging group soon found the perfect singer in Denis "Snake" Belanger. A blend of thrash with some progressive rock thrown in (on Killing Technology), and lyrics leaning heavily on sci-fi image

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Voivod — Astronomy Domine
Voivod — Bio
Voivod — Brain Scan
Voivod — Chaosmonger
Voivod — Cosmic Drama
Voivod — Experiment
Voivod — Inner Combustion
Voivod — Into My Hypercube
Voivod — Jack Luminous
Voivod — Killing Technology
Voivod — Missing Sequences
Voivod — Nothingface
Voivod — Pre—ignition
Voivod — Sub—effect
Voivod — The Getaway
Voivod — The Prow
Voivod — The Unknown Knows
Voivod — Tribal Convictions
Voivod — We Carry On
Voivod — X—ray Mirror
Voivod — X—stream
Voivod — In Orbit
Voivod — Le Pont Noir
Voivod — Rise
Voivod — Moonbeam Rider
Voivod — Lost Machine
Voivod — Mercury
Voivod — Blame Us
Voivod — Fix My Heart
Voivod — Voivod
Voivod — Time Warp
Voivod — We Are Not Alone
Voivod — Angel Rat
Voivod — Wrong—way Street
Voivod — Ravenous Medicine
Voivod — Target Earth
Voivod — Mechanical Mind
Voivod — Insect
Voivod — Gasmask Revival
Voivod — Kluskalp Okom
Voivod — Kaleidos
Voivod — Empathy For The Enemy
Voivod — Artifact
Voivod — Resistance
Voivod — Panorama
Voivod — Warchaic
Voivod — Clouds In My House
Voivod — Blower