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Wage War
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From Ocala, Florida, two guitarrists met in high school, then a band was about to start. Those friends, Seth Blake and Cody Quistad, recruited Briton Bond (singer), Jordan Pierce (bassist) and David Rau (drummer), and formed a band called Empires. But in 2013, now with Chris Gaylord on bass and Stephen Kluesener on drums, Wage War was born. The metalcore band combines brutal punch with a positive

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Wage War — Basic Hate
Wage War — Twenty One
Wage War — Deadlocked
Wage War — Alive
Wage War — Youngblood
Wage War — The River
Wage War — Stitch
Wage War — Witness
Wage War — Never Enough
Wage War — Dont Let Me Fade Away
Wage War — Southbound