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There are multiple artists with this name 1. An American melodic death metal band 2. An Italian hardcore band 3. An American doom metal band 4. A German metal band 1. Wretched is a melodic death metal band based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Formerly known as And Since Forgotten, WRETCHED was formed in September of 2005. Recreating what seems to have disappeared from the NC scene, is the blen

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Wretched — A Still Mantra
Wretched — Aberration Part 1
Wretched — Aborning
Wretched — Before The Rise
Wretched — Beyond The Gate Part 2
Wretched — Birthing Sloth
Wretched — Cimmerian Shamballa
Wretched — Dreams Of Chaos
Wretched — Eternal Translucence
Wretched — Fetal Consumption
Wretched — Final Devourment
Wretched — Imminent Growth
Wretched — In The Marrow
Wretched — Karma Accomplished
Wretched — Mephistos Will
Wretched — My Carrion
Wretched — Part 1 Aberration
Wretched — Repeat The End Is Near
Wretched — Shrouded In Filth
Wretched — The Deed Of Elturiel
Wretched — The Talisman