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Yodelice (real name Maxim Nucci) was born on February 23, 1979 in Créteil, France. At 6, he joined the Conservatoire & learnt guitar. At 15, he joined London's Musician Institute, where he became the youngest guitar teacher. Playing bass, guitar & keyboards, Maxim has been noticed by Santi in 2001 & signed to Mercury. Collaborations followed... After his first album Maxim Nucci in 2006, Maxim wen

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Yodelice — Another Second
Yodelice — Insanity
Yodelice — Monkeys Evolution
Yodelice — Sunday With A Flu
Yodelice — Talk To Me
Yodelice — Tree Of Life
Yodelice — Wake Me Up
Yodelice — More Than Meets The Eye